Social responsibility Office of the China Textile Industry Federation


China Federation of textile industry social responsibility office was founded in May 2005. It is the executive body of China Textile Industry Federation social responsibility Promotion Committee (RSCA). It is also China's first national level social responsibility standing agency.


The office of adhering to the "establishment of corporate social responsibility system in accordance with national conditions, to help enterprises to improve management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, leading the industry sustainable development" purposes, through the establishment and improvement of industry social responsibility of public platform, to provide professional services to help member enterprises social responsibility, partners and other stakeholders to achieve their goal of social responsibility, finally to enhance the enterprise culture, build a harmonious society, and lead the industry into the global economy "vision.

Functions and services

To operate and improve the social responsibility management system of CSC9000T Chinese textile and clothing enterprises according to the Chinese laws, international conventions and industry characteristics.

Provide CSC9000T social responsibility management performance evaluation and performance evaluation report for enterprises, organize training and consultation for enterprises' needs, help enterprises establish and maintain social responsibility management system that meets CSC9000T requirements.

A database of CSR resources and management performance of textile and garment enterprises is established, and a social responsibility information sharing platform and a business decision support system for textile and apparel supply chain are established.

It provides professional support for textile and garment enterprises to carry out social responsibility performance information disclosure according to the outline of social responsibility report of Chinese textile and garment enterprises (CSR-GATEs), and ensures the quality of information disclosure through entrusted verification and certification.

Planning, implementing forums, open classes and research projects to popularize and popularize the concept of social responsibility and best practice.

Provide consultation and Research on social responsibility and supply chain related issues for government departments, social organizations, trade union organizations, other industry organizations and international textile and garment supply chain stakeholders.

Education and research in the field of social responsibility in cooperation with educational and scientific research institutions.

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