collaboration for sustainable
development of viscose

The Collaboration for Sustainable Development of Viscose (CV) offers viscose producers a platform to achieve sustainable viscose and help their customers deliver on their sustainability commitments. CV is formed by 10 of viscose fibre producers – collectively representing over 50% of the world’s viscose staple fibre production – in partnership with two trade associations. This self-regulating initiative will see its members adopt a much-needed sustainability roadmap for the viscose industry. The roadmap will include a set of credible, practical and widely accepted sustainability standards to help the viscose industry adopt and implement sustainability best practices. CV Roadmap Four Key Attributes of the CV Roadmap: Three Core Components of the CV Roadmap: Best Practices & Standards Covering the full supply chain of viscose production from raw material sourcing to responsible production to product safety, 72 globally-recognised standards relevant to textile/apparel and forestry sectors, out of the 240 sustainability standards across 80 industrial sectors and 180 countries researched, were shortlisted for further review, with 10 best practices and standards finally selected. These chosen ones reflected the direct feedback of a broad range of stakeholders, including brands, retailers and NGOs, through a series of surveys, interviews and consultations. A Journey of Continuous Improvement Continuous improvement is a core feature of the CV Roadmap design. Beyond the initial standards and best practices set which requires time to be mainstreamed, the CV roadmap is intended as a living document which will be subjected to periodic reviews and updated as conditions warrant. The CV Roadmap draft is undergoing a final round of stakeholder review, and is expected to be ready in Q2 2018. ...