With three manufacturing plants in China with a annual capacity of 550000 tonnes, Sateri  is the largest cellulose fiber manufacturer in China. At the same time, Sateri  is also committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. From the first link to the end, we should carry out the "responsible production" principle throughout the whole process.

Sateri 's modern manufacturing plant inherits professional technology and rich experience from Finland. With the advantage of European advanced technology and 100% pure wood pulp, it provides customers with the highest quality and the highest purity cellulose fiber.

In order to better fulfill our quality and commitment to environmental protection, we formulate the pulp procurement policy and sustainable development policy strictly at the same time, through a variety of ways to encourage suppliers to adopt and comply with the highest standards of the industry, to ensure that the highest quality and most high environmental protection performance of cellulose fiber to provide customers better service from the broad market, fashion clothing textile products to baby wipes and beauty mask.

In all manufacturing factories in China, we have obtained the certification of the chain of production and marketing supervision chain and the international quality system certification of ISO 9001 and ISO. In addition, Sateri  has also been accredited by Swiss Oeko-Tex textile inspection agency, which further proves that our fiber products do not contain any harmful substances and comply with EU regulations.

From clothing and home textiles to baby's wipes and facial mask, sadeli is with you all the time.
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