Shandong Yami Technology Co. Ltd.


Shandong Yami Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the science and Technology) is located in Boxing province Shandong County Economic Development Zone, Bohai's industrial high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of cellulose fibers.

Since the establishment in 2005, key technology and equipment from the world famous suppliers, including spinneret from Switzerland, dryer from Britain, packing machine from Germany, forming six lines of 320 thousand tons of differentiated viscose fiber, cotton pulp production capacity of 50 thousand tons of high quality, and supporting the thermal power plant, environmental protection science and technology industry.

The main products of difference viscose fiber series products including cotton type fine denier viscose staple fiber, high tenacity viscose staple fiber, high whiteness of viscose staple fiber, bamboo fiber antibacterial, flame retardant fiber and functional fiber production capacity among the nation's top four, the products are exported to Turkey, Southeast Asia, South Korea and other twenty countries and regions.

The science and technology attaches great importance to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction work, the introduction of advanced waste treatment facilities in the world, with the largest, the recovery rate of CS2 waste gas treatment device is the highest, with an annual output of 168 thousand tons / year and 20 thousand tons / year 70% sodium sulfate sodium hydrosulfide. It was awarded "clean production advanced unit" in Shandong Province, "the first batch of experimental units of circular economy" in Shandong province and the pilot unit of national recycling economy standardization.
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