China Chemical Fiber Industry Association


China chemical fiber industry association is a national social organization by the Ministry of civil affairs of People's Republic of China registered, by enterprises and individuals engaged in the study of chemical fiber production, and related social groups a voluntary industry, a national, non-profit social organization. The association was established in November 10, 1992. By the end of 2011, there were 494 units and 19 individual members.

The association always takes safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members, implementing the national industrial policy, promoting technological progress and promoting the development of the whole industry as the main task. "Service industry, service government, service enterprises" as the goal of the work, to achieve "service efficiency, honesty and trustworthiness, innovation and development, self-discipline and harmony".

The purpose of the association is to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, abide by the social morality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, implement the national industrial policies, promote technological progress and promote the development of the whole industry.

The main task of the association is to bridge and link roles between enterprises and government departments, reflect the wishes and demands of enterprises, convey the intentions of the government, assist the government in implementing economic policies and regulations, and improve industry management.

(1) carry out the collection, sorting and analysis of basic information such as the status, market demand and development trend of the industry, so as to provide basis for the government to formulate industrial policies and serve for business decision making.

(two) coordinate the problems of production and operation and technical cooperation between enterprises and institutions, promote horizontal cooperation and specialization cooperation; assist government departments in coordinating products export and technology import.

(three) the development trend of industrial chemical fiber research at home and abroad, put forward the development plan of the industry to the relevant government departments, technical and economic policy, industry technical standards recommendations; to assist the government departments to carry out technical and economic policies and laws and regulations; to complete the government commissioned industry related tasks.

(four) to represent the relevant government departments to reflect the practical problems in the production, management, scientific research and education of the member units. The legitimate aspirations of the member units are carefully reflected and the legitimate rights and interests of the members are maintained.

(five) to provide technical and market information at home and abroad, to organize technical and economic exchanges, to work well for member services, to develop contacts with other industries and related industries, and to carry out international cooperation and exchanges in economic, technological and management fields.

(six) strengthen the relationship between the industry and related industries, coordinate the issues of common concern between the industry and related industries, and promote the balanced and common development of industry and industry.

(seven) according to the characteristics of the industry, making the industry rules, to establish the self-discipline mechanism, regulate the industry self-discipline, promote enterprise competitive balance, improve the overall quality of the industry, safeguarding the overall interests of the industry.

(eight) to undertake the work entrusted by government departments and member units.
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