Tangshan Sanyou group Xingda Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd.


Tangshan Sanyou group Xingda chemical fiber Limited company belongs to Tangshan Sanyou group, under the jurisdiction of Tangshan Sanyou Yuanda Fiber Co. Ltd., located in Hebei province Tangshan City Caofeidian Nanpu Development Zone, adjacent to the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan metropolitan group. The company covers an area of 915 mu, employees more than 4000 people, the annual capacity of 500 thousand tons, is a professional manufacturer of cellulose fiber.

The first production line of the company was formally put into operation in 1998. For nearly twenty years, the party secretary, comrade Me Zhiyi venture group company chairman Morishige, under the guidance of the spirit of enterprise Human effort is the decisive factor. ", the company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, authorized 60 patents. With the advantage of advanced technology and equipment manufacturing capacity, a single line production capacity of 80 thousand tons / year has been built. The single line production capacity, equipment level, differential rate, product quality and comprehensive energy consumption have reached the advanced level. The company has been identified as the "national recycling economy demonstration pilot unit", "national high-tech enterprise" and "Hebei cellulose fiber engineering technology research center". "High efficiency, energy saving and environmental adhesive fiber complete equipment and key technology integrated development" has won the first prize of the China Textile Industry Federation science and Technology Award in 2012.

The company is the "national cellulose fiber new product research and development base", can produce more than six series of more than 100 varieties. The company successfully developed a high white fiber, colored fiber, flame retardant fiber and a series of high technology content, high value-added products, modal fiber to break the foreign monopoly. Products through quality, environment, occupational health and safety integrated management system certification and European ecological textiles OEKO-100 (1 level) certification. It has been honored as "China's famous best selling brand", "Chinese famous brand products", "national user satisfaction products", "Hebei provincial government quality award" and so on. The products are popular in many countries and regions in China, Asia, Europe and the United States.

To the scientific development, aim higher and farther. The next step, the friends of fiber to new products, new technology, new equipment R & D, stronger cellulose fiber industry, continue to promote technological progress, for the national industry.
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